About the Artist

I have enjoyed creating my artworks in the style of pointillism since 1989. During this time, I
have created over 250 pieces that are part of my collection and commissioned projects. Over the years, I have come to understand the true meaning and value of passion, patience and persistence in life. These qualities when combined together bring any vision to life. Whether I am speaking to a group of art students or folks who stop by at my art shows it is my focus to let it be known that we all have our special gifts. With passion, patience and persistence any dream of creativity is born. We all inspire one another. It is the inspiration and the encouragement from the hearts of others that make creating so very special.

As any traditional artist, we try to find our creativity in a style and medium that we like to work in. Whether it is in watercolor, oils paints, pastels, pencil, charcoal, mixed media,
it is all in the heart of the creator. For many years, I have been creating in the style of pointillism using the medium of pen and ink. In recent years, I have added watercolor to combine with the pen and ink.

Whenever I create a piece of artwork, it becomes me and I become it. This joining as one between artist and subject brings great calmness to the heart as if being alive in a dream. I am in the artwork walking the grounds of a castle or climbing the steps of a Lighthouse. This connection heightens as the art piece nears completion. The creator and created have joined to create. One of the greatest joys is to witness the smiles and happiness these creations bring to others.

Each one of us has a gift within whether it is drawing, painting, photography, theater, dancing, singing, etc. I absorb from all this what others have to offer. Creativity inspires creativity. It is an unending process of learning and sharing which is something that I enjoy most in life.