Searching for my Space in the World of Art

A Journey From the Past to the Present

Blog Entry 4 – 01/05/2020

Happy New Year! In the mid 1980’s, I had an appetite, a strong sense and desire to draw. I recalled my days in high school and drawing in the style of pointillism. I remember the challenges working in the style of pointillism brought me. I really liked the results drawing in this style, the fine detail the one can apply with a pen and a piece of illustration board. 

I was looking for subjects and compositions I could draw and how to apply it in the style of pointillism. What I would like to draw and what may be interesting to others. One subject that came to me was the Como Park Conservatory in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was a place I frequently visited as a child and a place I still visit today. The structure is beautiful as was the landscape that surrounded it. 

In the summer of 1989, I took many photos of the Como Park Conservatory with thought that it may become a drawing. I was looking to answer many questions within. With working in the style of pointillism, what size do I want to draw it, what do I want to do with it after it is created. Do I want to make reproductions of it and is there a possibility of marketing the artwork. With the composition in mind, size was a big question especially working in the style of pointillism. I do know that with the detail it will take some time to complete. 

I was looking beyond the final artwork and looking to draw it so it would fit in a standard size mat. After looking at several size mats, I found one that was 11” x 14” with an opening of 8” x 10.” The size of my first piece of artwork created in the style of pointillism was going to be about 7” x 9” so that would leave some white space in the mat opening. 

Como Park Consevatory ~ 1989

After looking at many of the photos of the Como Park Conservatory, I found my first composition I wanted to draw. I started sketching my drawing very lightly. Then I loaded the ink chamber of my Rapidograph technical pen and started applying my first ink dots one at a time. The tones and depth are added through the placements of dots. I have discovered that much  patience is needed with this process. It was going to be a learning process as I was working on this first piece. Once the ink hits the illustration board, it dries within a few seconds. I started out working on the structure of the Como Park Conservatory. It was very one dimensional with only the front view being drawn. Next came the landscape with the trees and the reflecting pond. The artwork took about 36 hours to complete. Thus, the first piece in my artwork collect was completed in December of 1989. 

Shortly after completing the artwork of the Como Park Conservatory, I had prints and notecards created from the original. The prints were an open edition. I matted one of the prints and packaged a dozen of the notecards with blank envelopes and given them to the manager of the gift shop. They loved the artwork and placed an order for many of the prints and notecards. I did learn so much from creating this first piece of artwork in my collection. Not only did it take much patience but also persistence. 

As my blog continues, you will see a progression of my artwork from my first piece of art to my works of today. Stay tuned and enjoy ~ Make it a great day!

Randall J Peterson 

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