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Blog Entry 5 – 01/12/2020

After finishing my first artwork original of the Como Park Conservatory, I felt a sense of accomplishment but also knowing there was so much more to create. I was inspired to start my next piece of art and thinking about the composition I wanted to draw. While I was in the graphic arts program at North Hennepin Community College, I took a class in architecture. Though it was one class, I learned so much about one and two point perspectives and applied them in many of my compositions. I will visit more about perspectives later in my blogs.

Saint Paul Skyine ~ 1990

In January of 1990, I started my second piece of art. It was the skyline of the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. As a child in the early 1960’s, we lived in Saint Paul and I loved the historic structures of the city. I took several photos of the Saint Paul Skyline from Mounds Boulevard on the east side of Saint Paul. From my photos I started sketching the skyline very lightly trying to capture the details of the buildings. It took about 40 hours to complete. Because the style of pointillism is time consuming, those 40 hours are stretched out over a 3-4 week period. Because of the intensity of the style and working full time, I found myself working on my artwork in increments of 2 to 3 hours at a time. 

I had printed an open edition prints of the Saint Paul Skyline. In July of 1990, I had an appointment to meet with Saint Paul Mayor James Scheibel and present him with a matted and framed print of the Saint Paul Skyline. In addition to presenting him with the print, it was  also the opportunity to have them purchase them for gifts from the city to dignitaries. While waiting outside the office of the Mayor, a gentleman approached me and asked if I was Randy Peterson. I said yes and he introduced himself as Joe Kimball, a staff writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He said he was meeting with the Mayor and was going to be writing a human interest article. Mayor James Scheibel was very impressed with the artwork and the city did purchase frame prints to give as gifts. A few days later, I found an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

The Saint Paul Skyline artwork was very challenging with the different angles and trying to get the perspectives right. I was satisfied with how my first 2 originals turned out and I wanted to continue adding to my collection. I discovered the style of pointillism was intense and I found it to be very meditating. As I was creating my drawings, I was thinking about how to market my artwork and continuing to find a direction and theme that would satisfy myself as well as others. 

More originals followed that were drawn from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area including the State Capitol building in Saint Paul, the Minneapolis Skyline and more. Stay tuned and enjoy ~ Make it a great day!

Randall J Peterson

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