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Blog Entry 2 – 12/19/2019

Someone once asked me, how far back was my first encounter in the world of art. As far back as I can remember it was in 1961 at the age of 5. When we would go to church at the Cathedral in St. Paul, Minnesota, I remember looking at all of the artwork on the walls throughout the cathedral. I was amazed and often wondered how they were created. 

I was born in Park Falls, Wisconsin in 1956, grew up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and reside in Forest Lake, a Minnesota community just north of St. Paul with my wife Kathleen. I started drawing at the age of nine, working with charcoal and pencil. Most of my compositions include landscapes and the subjects that surrounded me at that early age. I was first introduced to the style of pointillism during an art class in the early 1970’s in high school (North St. Paul). With the challenges it brought to me, I enjoyed the details and results in this technique. I always remembered it brought me a sense of peace. 

Pointillism, which is also referred to as stippling, was introduced by French artist Georges Seurat in the late 1800’s. Seurat perfected this style by using a brush and applying dots of colored paint on a white canvas. In all of my works of art, I use a technical pen and apply my dots on a piece of illustration board. Shadows and depth can be seen by the variation of how close the dots are placed in correlation to one another. 

I will be adding on to my blog once a week. I will close with Kathy and I wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!! ~ Make it a great day!

Randall J Peterson

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